How to create fish in cloud photo manipulation | Photoshop tutorial 2020

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welcome back to my video again, fish in cloud Its easy to follow if you are a beginner to intermediate level.

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some shortcuts to remember
On windows PC

1, Transformation tool – Ctrl+T
2, fit image to screen – Ctrl+0
3, Go a step back or undo – Ctrl+z for further step back Ctrl+z on 2019 and Ctrl+alt+z on previous versions
4, Redo or step further in 2019 Ctrl+Shift+Z
5, click hold Ctrl to drag the picture
6, hold space to adjust the marquee rectangle
7,default colors – D
8, invert colors – X
9, Use number keys to adjust opacity of the brush tool
10, B for brush
11. ALT + CTL + SFT + E to make snap hot of all visible layers
12, hold space to pan around the image
13, P for pen tool
14. B for brush.
15. increase or decrease brush size by pressing [ or ]
16. Move tool V
17. Crop C

Images used:

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