Bawal/Square Hijab + Niqab Tutorial **3 Ways | Fast & Easy**

Assalaamua’laikum everyone!

It’s been so long since I make my last video. Since this channel is relatively new and haven’t been used for some time, i’ll be making a short tutorial on how to wear bawal/square hijab in 3 different ways. Quite simple and efficient for everyday wear. I think I’m using 45 x 45 or 60 x 60 square hijab in this video and if everyone is wondering, I actually bought this hijab and the niqab on carousell hahaha

I know this is very basic but insya allah as time goes by, after I have the equipments needed, I’ll be producing more videos in this channel (vlogs, hijab + sewing tutorials, and who knows maybe some short series ^_^ insya allah..)

Stay tune everyone and thanks for watching ~


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