VueJS setup with Veutify ( Vuetify: Admin theme Tutorial #1 )

Video 1: Vuejs setup with Vuetify
As I’m concerned that everyone who is watching this video is well known with VueJS if not than please learn the basics but if you’re confident you can see these, this will cover a few basics.
Video Steps:
Step 1- Setup NodeJS (if you haven’t installed) ,link:
Step 2- Setup VueCLI, link:
Step 3- Open terminal(on specific folder),Create new VueJS Project with the help of VueCLI by running this command vue create my-projecte
Step 4- Enter to folder(to enter with terminal write cd {foldername} ex: cd my-project). After that run: npm run serve , this will tell you which link you have to go to see your deployment. Usually its http://localhost:8080
Step 5- Run vue add vuetify to install Veutify in your project.

Here is source code:

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