HTML Custom Tag | Design new Custom HTML tag | No Angular/React/ Vue/ Any Javascript Library

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In this video I discussed about by using HTML custom tag how amazingly you can reduce your HTML coding. You may have already used a lot of predefined HTML tags, but it is also possible to create HTML custom tag with simple coding. The tutorial consists HTML and very basic Javascript coding.

During designing this tutorial I kept in mind about beginner developers. HTML coding is fun – right? And it will be funnier if you can write your HTML custom tags to reduce at least 30% to 40% code in a big project.

Predefined HTML tags are designed so that it serves all common purpose of your projects but some times we require to create a single tag combining few predefined tags to reuse it later – that is where comes Custom HTML Tags.

There are many libraries/frameworks which allow you to make your custom tag but in this video I used no Javascript framework and hardly wrote 15 to 20 lines of coding for creating few basic custom tags in a HTML page.

The video not only will clear your concept of how to use custom tags in HTML page but also help you to understand how various frameworks like Angular/React/Vue etc. works internally for creating HTML custom tags.

You can take this concept and create a Javascript project yourself to publish your own library also so that other users can use it – a bigger thought may be 😉 .

Anyway.. that’s it. I hope you all will enjoy and can learn something from this video.

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