Drone Photography Tutorial for Awesome Pics | HDR, AEB, Luminar and Aurora

Take Photos with a Drone and Easily Enhance them with AI that will Blow your Socks Off. Not kidding. Socks. Gone… This tutorial uses a Mavic Pro to show the setup parameters and techniques but any any drone or regular camera that can shoot in JPG, RAW and/or AEB will follow the same basic setup as shown here. I compare one way to simply shoot in different modes then enhance them with AI using Luminar 4 and AEB then process with Aurora software that produces some awesome HDR photographs. Rarely am taken by surprise by the form and function of a software, but after I took what I though to be some pretty decent photos with the Mavic Pro, I pushed then into the various Skylum software packages and WOW. How could I ever use a normal picture that comes out of my Mavic or Sony camera ever again? …and for the price? I will always be left wondering how much better it could be.

✅ Luminar 4 and Aurora Software Here: https://macphun.evyy.net/JNqrr
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ShoutOut: 2:09
Camera Setup: 2:28
Single Photos Comparison: 9:11
HDR Compilation (Aurora): 10:03
Luminar Enhancements: 11:50
I lost my socks: 16:00
Bonus 2 minute tutorial (Pano Sphere Little Earth): 16:51

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