HOW I GOT STARTED INVESTING (The Best Investments I've Ever Made)

How to Start Investing in 2020. When you want to start investing it’s more than just stocks or real estate. Compound Interest effects every part of your life. Investing in your education and skills are just as important.

I’m not a CPA for Financial Adviser and you should invest in one for your financial future. This is just my personal advice as someone is who is an entrepreneur and has some life experience.

This video is to help get you thinking about how to start investing and is not to be considered as financial advise.

If you want to start investing in 2020 and are struggling with where to get started I give some advice on how to invest $100 in yourself and your personal development. I do cover how to start investing in stocks and some simple apps that can help you, I plan on doing a dedicated video on how to invest in stocks and the best apps for investing.

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The Best Investment I feel I’ve made was investing in myself. I started with investing in my self education with books, then I started investing in my skills and the tools of my trade. These investments produced the compound interest of me always being able to raise my value throughout my career and earn more money.

From their I invested in my own business and today my biggest business investments are hiring people for my team, travel to events to network and of course the tools and equipment for my business, investments that also can be deducted against my taxes!

With the profits from my business I invest it back into growing the business and optimizing my time, but I also invest into stocks and real estate. My approach to investing in stocks, or how I started investing in my 30s, was through buying index funds and investing passively in Acorns.

I also started investing through Robinhood buying growth stocks. With M1 Finance I was able to buy fractional shares of stocks that were a bit too pricey to invest in outright. I try to invest mostly in my tax deductible retirement accounts, my Traditional IRA and my SEP IRA.

With Real Estate investment I currently don’t invest in rental properties, I invest in REITS (real estate investment trust), and I do plan to buy my first property either at the end of 2020 or sometime in 2021. Real Estate is a long term investment and you have to be very comfortable with it.


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