C# Tutorial – Simple C# Memory Library for Game Trainers

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Watch our video and learn the basics of making trainers for games in C# or just download the source code which contains a little memory lib I made. I am not an expert with C#, I only have a few days experience. I decided to make this C# tutorial because I’ve been dealing with questions for 5 years and I had trouble answering questions about C#. We also haven’t had a C# video in more than 6 years so I figured I better learn this stuff and make a video. This should cover the first 5-10 questions you will have making C# hacks.

C# Game Trainer Tutorial – Simple C# Memory Library

In this video tutorial you will learn how to use these features in C#:
-Use Pinvoke functions (“import” winapi functions)
– C# OpenProcess & WriteProcessMemory
– C# GetProcessesByName
– C# GetModuleBaseAddress
– C# Toolhelp32Snapshot
– C# WriteProcessMemory
– C# Console Output
– C# GetLastWin32Error for debugging
– C# Assault Cube Ammo

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