While Loops – Part 2: PHP Full Totorials For Beginners, in Hindi. Santosh Kalra IT Gurukul.

Learn PHP Prgramming Language Full Tutorial in Hindi.
Learn PHP Built-in Functions.
PHP String, Arrays and Math Library.
Learn PHP coding. PHP code to develop WebSites and Web apps.
Powerful programming techniques explained by Best Programming Teacher in simple Hindi and English with practical code examples.
PHP Web Design and Development.
Object Oriented PHP.
Simple PHP Variables called Scalars.
PHP Arrays, Associative Arrays, Key value pairs.
Learn PHP Hash (MD5 and more) and encoding.
PHP File I/O (Input and Output).
Simple and Advance For, Foreach loops, While and Do while Looping.
PHP Regular Expressions.
PHP Custom Functions and Subroutines.
PHP Coding Standard, Writing PHP Class Modules, File Management, Socket, Examples,
Pass By Value and Pass by Reference, Special Variables, Syntax Overview, Advanced PHP, Tutorial,
Tutorials, Operators, SESSION, SERVER, GET, POST, Predefined , HTML, CSS, XML,
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Santosh Kalra Sir.
– Senior Faculty and IT Guru,
Ex-IBM, Director, IT Gurukul, Udaipur, Rajasthan.
Founder, Rukmani Arts & Exports.

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