Tutorial: Create Holographic Videos with Depthkit & Depth Media Player

Learn how to capture video content of the real world and view it holographically through the Looking Glass!

Using Scatter’s software Depthkit and our viewing tool Depth Media Player, you can create volumetric stories, experiences, or capture life in 3D.

To learn more about Depthkit’s refinement workflow: https://www.depthkit.tv/tutorials/azure-kinect-microsoft-volumetric-capture-depth-workflow-depthkit

Visit Looking Glass Factory’s Documentation site for help installing Depth Media Player.

Depth Media Player: https://lkg.gl/2VtiFsw

Documentation: https://lkg.gl/2TlKtfD

Blog Post: https://lkg.gl/2w8r5ei

Get yourself a Looking Glass today! https://lkg.gl/2VuP81E

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