Mechanica Gameplay – How to Program Automatic Alerts – Tutorial

Welcome to my Mechanica Tutorial for how to program automatic alerts using screens and lights for when your machines go down!

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⏰Time Stamps⏰
1:51 Flamethrower fuel alert
8:06 Auto-miner and Furnace light-up alert
10:09 Water Pump out of power alert
10:56 Buddy Bot out of power alert

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Mechanica is an early access indie sandbox survival game, where you’ll be able to partake in base building, machine automation, artificial intelligence, and computer programming, in an effort to survive. Mechanica allows you to program set up manufacturing, defensive traps, automated machines and more using a unique visual programming system.

In this Mechanica gameplay tutorial, I’ll walkthrough the steps on how to program automated alerts in Mechanica, using screens and lights. The programming of these automatic alerts will cover defensive traps, automated machines such as the auto miner and furnace, and even the Buddy Bot.

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