How to Be More Productive: 8 Productivity Tips for Work and Life

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⏰ We’ve all got the same 24 hours in the day. So why does it seem like other people are doing so much more?
The truth is: there’s no quick fix or resource.
But there are some simple, everyday tips you can use to increase your productivity and balance your life in the process. 💪
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About this video:
It might seem that whenever somebody talks or writes about productivity, they’re trying to unlock a single specific way of doing things that will lead you to being “productive”. It’s as if “being productive” were some mythical achievement that can only be unlocked with (a) writing to-do lists a certain way or (b) logging all your activities on “the right” app.

These two suggestions aren’t bad, but what’s usually missing from the likes of them is mentioning that productivity is actually something deeply individual, and the feeling of “being unproductive” often comes from comparing your “productivity” methods to those of other people and feeling bad about them not matching up.

And comparing somebody else’s productivity style to your own is like comparing apples and oranges. So when sizing up productivity tips, remember to take a step back, evaluate what productivity means to you and the goals you want to achieve. Don’t try to copy and paste someone else’s schedule or habits—instead, borrow the things that you can adapt to your daily life in a way that fits you and helps you work towards the goals you’ve set.
Be realistic about your to-do list, manage your priorities, and divide bigger tasks into smaller ones.
Remember to look after yourself, take note of your mobile habits and your communication methods. And in the end – be ok with procrastination!

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