Godot Tutorial – Learning the Godot EDITOR

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Welcome back, everyone. In this lesson, we are gonna be creating our first Godot project and just having an overview of the editor looking at all the different things and just getting an understanding of how this engine works. So first of all, we are here in our Godot project manager. This can be launched by double-clicking on the exe application which we downloaded in the previous lesson. And here in the project manager we have a list of all of our existing projects. I already have some here because I’ve corrected some projects in the past but if this is your first time launching Godot this will most likely be empty. There’s also this Templates tab, which allows us to download some existing templates of the Godot website, which could be interesting if you wanna learn how to do a certain thing in the engine. But for us right now, we’re gonna go back to the Projects tab and we want to click on the New Project button right here. This will launch up this little window right here and what we want to do is first of all, give our project a name. So, I’m just gonna give this one, let’s just say, this FirstGodotProject. And as you can see here, it also says, please choose an empty folder. By default, this will set the project path to be the folder where you have the exe installed. So what we can do is just click on Create Folder. It will create a new folder here in My Documents for example because that is where this application is and we can then click Create and Edit. And here we are inside of the Godot engine. It may be a bit confusing because there’s lots of buttons, lots of options, lots of different windows, but we’ll get an understanding of how they all work very shortly. So first of all, you can see in the middle here, we have this 3D view of our world. And what we need to do is switch it back over to 2D since that is what we’re gonna be working with. So up here, at the top, you’ll see 2D, 3D, Script and Asset Library. Let’s just click on 2D and it will switch us over to a 2D mode where we can see it on a flat plane. So let’s begin with the concept of scenes and nodes in Godot.

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