Flutter with Firebase (6) – Cloud Messaging ( APNs, Notification, Send Message ) example, tutorial

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Flutter provides full native performance on both iOS and Android. I made How to use a firebase Cloud Messaging using flutter for both platforms. It will show sending a message ( Console to iOS, Android. Android to iOS, iOS to Android ). iOS and android are working good 👍🏻

* Reference links:

1. Download code: https://github.com/loydkim/flutter_firebase_cloud_message

2. Flutter Library site: https://pub.dev/flutter/packages

3. Firebase Console:

* Develop environment.

– Flutter Version: 1.12.13+hotfix.8
– Dart Version: 2.7.0
– Xcode Version: 11.3.1
– Android Studio: 3.5
– OS Version: MacOS Catalina 10.15.3

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