Conquering freeCodeCamp – JavaScript Basic Algorithm Scripting – Live Stream #17

In this episode we’re going to solve different challenges (see below) using #JavaScript #algorithms.
List of the challenges (with the time from the video):
05:08 Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit
06:40 Reverse a String
08:11 Factorialize a Number
10:03 Find the Longest Word in a String
17:35 Return Largest Numbers in Arrays
21:19 Confirm the Ending
25:18 Repeat a String Repeat a String
27:33 Truncate a String
30:03 Finders Keepers
32:30 Boo who
33:59 Title Case a Sentence
36:29 Slice and Splice
41:59 Falsy Bouncer
43:44 Where do I Belong
57:26 Mutations
1:02:37 Chunky Monkey

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