Code With Me // Implementing Firebase ML Kit and Investigating Search Algorithms (RecipeBox Ep. 3)

About a month ago, I was struck with an idea to make a RecipeBox app. This is a place to store all those informal recipe screenshots that are passed down from family or friends. 📝

I’ve been working on this app for a few weeks now, and am nearing the end of the MVP stage of development. In this episode of my RecipeBox series, I will be implementing local storage to make the recipe storage feature more secure. I’ll also be implementing OCR using the Firebase ML Kit, investigating search algorithms, and starting a blog. 🖥

Check out what it’s like to work on an app full-time with this mobile dev vlog! 📹

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Hey, I’m Harshi. I’m a recent college grad, and spent the last year working as a Software Engineer in a Silicon Valley biotech startup. Now, I am launching my own company, Hyku — we’re transforming admissions consulting through a mentorship-driven program. And, of course, I’m making YouTube videos all about tech and mentorship! I also have a little Schnoodle named Yogi who likes to make appearances in videos.

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