CHUNGHA "Snapping" Dance Tutorial (Pre-Chorus, Chorus)

Oh SNAP we’re back with another tutorial to make you “feel so fine”. Enjoy this tutorial taught by Elaine with Jin, Ellen and Sicillia.

Elaine: @elaineeeyang
Jin: @ryno_j
Ellen: @ellenk_9693 @kke_dance
Sicillia: @xixisici

Difficulty Level: Beginner/Intermediate

70%: 26:08
80%: 27:27
90%: 28:38
100%: 29:39
Final: 30:38

Official MV:
Official Dance Practice:

Goldenrod – Faux Leather Wrap Around Belt (One Size):

Sicillia, Angela, Ellen, Vincent, Wiley and Rico are teaching weekly K-Pop cover dance classes at DanceLife X Centre in downtown Toronto, along with a couple other amazing instructors! Come out to learn from them in person 🙂
Check out the DanceLife X website for more info:



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