WordPress Advanced Custom Fields for Beginners – 14. Relationships

Not sure how to do custom post types? See this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5mWGz4S3Lw – You may need to do the whole course?? 🙂

Learn how to integrate a relationship field in WordPress using Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

Download the basic WordPress theme used in this video here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nYg57UUQikRi9CSkcs2j1-DuxMMw34Dh/view?usp=sharing

Welcome to my Advanced Custom Fields tutorial for WordPress.

If you’re not familiar with what Advanced Custom Fields or “ACF” is, then you’ve been missing out.

WordPress, as great and popular as it is as a content management system, has never focused on building a simple system for custom fields – ACF has helped fill this gap.

ACF is, in my opinion, one of the most important plugins you can use as a developer in WordPress.

ACF removes the complexity of adding custom field functionality into your WordPress theme.

If you’ve ever tried creating the functionality of custom fields directly into a plugin or theme, you would know that it is very time consuming. ACF provides you with all of the functionality required for custom fields to display on the admin, and a simple API to display it on the front end of your website using PHP.

So what are custom fields? Well – put simply, they allow you to add custom data to your WordPress website. That data is stored in the database, so you can display it anywhere you want, you can truly build some very customised interfaces VERY easily.

If you’re a web developer and want to provide simple fields for your clients to update their website, ACF is perfect for you.

There are two versions of ACF. A free and a premium version. In this series, I will using the PRO version – however, you can follow along with the FREE version – and if the software helps you, I would definitely recommend purchasing it.

Each video in this series will cover a different field type in ACF – and show you how to implement it as well as different ways it can be used.

In this series, you will learn WordPress Advanced Custom Fields in the simplest way possible.

Advanced Custom Fields brings custom field functionality to WordPress providing you with an extremely fast way to customise WordPress. From basic text fields to complex Flexible Content fields, ACF is an excellent plugin and is arguably the best and most useful plugin for WordPress developers.

Save time and make more money as a web developer because you can seamlessly create fast interfaces for yourself or your clients to update parts of the website.

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