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#nike #stocks #personalfinance #buyitownitstrategy – This channel will give insight on cash-flow strategies, solidifying your side-gig, personal money goals, building your tax sales overages business, and becoming the force in the world you were meant to be.

By the way, you can’t be a force if you’re broke! Let’s find a way to own your money story and change the narrative about your financial future and impact.


Hi, I’m KIM The Legacy Creator™

Principal/Owner KIM XI LEGACY ENTERPRISE LLC, SBA Women in Business Champion, Certified Business Development and Cash-flow Consultant.

Are you a deliberate or unsuspecting investor in Nike stock? Or, any other company that you consume products for? Be smarter – leverage your purchases by putting back into your pocket in owning the stock. I’ll explain in the video.

I provide guidance, information, and education that will empower individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to become financially capable.

As a seasoned professional with more than 25 years in financial services and nonprofit sectors, entrepreneurs hire me to unleash their money mastery brilliance because most are broke, stuck in debilitating habits, or feel they must work until they die. I provide systems, strategies, and solutions to navigate the process of building a lasting wealth legacy.

I provide education and information to help individuals build solid business entities that are fiscally responsible with strong business credit profiles, so they can leverage other people’s money to build their empires. I also share my own personal experiences with business development tools that have aided my online business success and time management.

Other topics of expertise I will share on this channel…
1) Leveraging Other People’s Money to Build Your Empire
2) Business Development Tools
3) Building Business Credit Profile
4) Manifesting More Money in Business & Life
5) Multiple Streams of Income Strategies
6) Going from Zero to 6-figures in 1 Year

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