Making Music For Dummies | Secrets Of EDM Explained (Ableton Melody Setup Tutorial)

The secrets of EDM are explained in music making for dummies in this playlist of Ableton tutorials. Making music for dummies is a bitesize playlist that shares the most used and most often overlooked techniques that EDM producers use or don’t use in the industry today!

In this Ableton 10 (Intro Melody Setup) video I teach how to make an EDM melody intro using one shots. This video is part of a playlist called “Create A Classic EDM Song”. If you get lost I advise you watch the playlist from the beginning. The playlist is 12 videos long and is about 3 hours and 20 minutes in length. The playlist assumes you are new to Ableton and teaches how to create an entire EDM song from start to finish using beginner, intermediate and advanced techniques and is a lot of fun.

Post Author: hatefull