How to learn C language | C Programming Tutorial | C language | C language For Beginners in Hindi

hello guys this is Sazid Ali from #Wondertechnicalguru, how to start coding and learn coding and become a computer programmer for beginners to learn computer programming c in hindi, this video in computer programming language basic course i will teach u all basic things that you need to know for the learning computer programming language you can watch this video and lean coding by yourself. This video will help you to learn more about coding for beginners, about C language, and the logical concept of C Programming language.
||C Programming Language Full Course Topics||
Features of C
• My First C program
• Compile and Run C program
• C Syntax Rules
• Keywords and Identifier
• Operators in C Language
• Data Types in C
• Variables in C
• C Input / Output
• Switch Statement
• Looping
• Arrays
• Functions in C
• Introduction to Functions
Types of Functions and Recursion
• Types of Function calls
• Passing Array to function
• Structures in C
• All about Structures
• Pointers in C
• Pointers concept
• Declaring and initializing pointer
• Pointer
• Pointer to Array
• Pointer to Structure
• Pointer with Functions

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