How NOT to look CAKEY or DRY with FOUNDATION? Following a tutorial with Jaclyn Hill

In today’s video I’m sharing a GRWM with Jaclyn Hill and applying my makeup along with her video how NOT too look cakey with makeup. I’m going to give you some tips as I apply my makeup in this video that may be a better alternative for mature skin. As with my other video(Tati contour and highlight) I’m doing this as an educational video. I’m not bashing Jaclyn Hill or her makeup techniques. The reality is that anyone searching for cakey dry makeup face will see this video pop up in the search. If you’re a lady of age like I am (I’m 53) you’ll click on this thinking this will work on your mature skin but sadly it won’t. And instead of just talking about it I’m doing my makeup along with Jaclyn Hill so you can see what my skin looks like up close with my makeup applied this way. I’ll also share a close up of my face wearing my makeup the way I normally do. So many women have thanked me after the other video because they were following videos like this and felt like they couldn’t wear makeup without looking like it ages them. We can all wear makeup no matter what age but it’s all in how much we apply, where and how we apply it as well that makes the difference. Less is more on mature skin. And you’ll see that the more powder you pile on the older you’ll look. I know that her makeup video wasn’t intended for older skin but as I said if you’re searching for a video and this video pops up from one the biggest makeup artists on Youtube sharing a makeup look for dry skin and how to battle dry skin of course you’re going to check it out. Again this is NOT a drama video! So please don’t waste your time leaving a nasty or rude comment. It takes a second for me to delete and block you! My channel is all about helping women feel good about themselves. Jaclyn makes several great points in this video as you will see I agreed with. But there’s a few things I didn’t agree with and it’s okay I’m not bashing her. Any reactions is me reacting I’m not being a smart @ss! BTW it’s okay to use a little powder. I have oily/dry combo skin. But I don’t apply a lot of powder because it can be very drying on my aging skin. I just use a dusting in the areas I tend to get oily. And I don’t re-powder my face during the day. Instead I just blot those areas. The ONLY powder that I may reapply is a sunscreen powder. But again I don’t keep reapplying it. I wear a SPF hat to block the sun from my face.

Jaclyn’s video(How to not look cakey)-

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