Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 276

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0:00 Intro and announcements

10:19 how to rank a keyword and a long tail version of it?

15:00 Does a branded syndication (only branded – without 2nd tier) & RYS stack will rank videos? Or it is better to do tiered syndications for that?

19:43 I wanted to ask if you have heard of Magic PR? I have heard good things in FB groups and some of the Skype groups. I just wanted to hear your opinion on their service or if you have used them?

22:32 I ordered your Link Building – starter package for a new business domain. I’m new to link building, I just ordered it following the battle plan. Is there a video that shows us how to submit our info for our order? I seen your video that says not to include money site, so can you give me examples of all the links I should be giving you? Also, do I wait until the SEO Power Shield is finished?

28:14 Do Iframes count as backlinks? What’s really the advantage in making use of Iframes?

28:24 Hey guys, my car dealer client has been encouraging me to make use of his staff to help me rank him. I took him up on his offer and got the staff to regularly send geotagged phone images for GMB posts, and even have them uploading showroom pictures to GMB directly through the app. I make sure they send me responses to reviews they get too. My question is, what else can I have them do to help me rank, whether in GMB or elsewhere? I usually have trouble getting this kind of cooperation so I want to make the most of it

33:5 I have a client whose business name includes the word “and” some expressions of their name the use “&” is this a huge problem?

37:42 Hey guys, I’m using Knowem to build social accounts for clients. Knowem has tons of sites covering a wide swath of the internet. Is there any risk in getting all accounts for a particular client, even if a particular website isn’t necessarily related to that clients’ industry? I wouldn’t put a cinema on Angie’s List, for example. Am I mixing up citations with social accounts?

40:56 What is the best way to make a drive stack for a translated website? Do we make a syndication network for each language?

43:01 Does the RYS must have a GMB listing? what if the site is not local related? Can I give an address outside of USA and still rank for a place inside the USA?

44:55 Hi Guys, Just received my first Single Tier Syndication Network from your store. I have no idea what to do with the empty Bitly account. Suggestions gratefully accepted. Thanks

45:56 After warning my service area business client of the consequences for 2 years, one of his GMBs was suspended for using a mail box service as the address. Highly doubt we can get the GMB back, my concern is with the suspended GMB in his Google account, are his other mail box GMBs at higher risk for being in the same account as the suspended one? He is now motivated to handle this risk, so far as seeking now to rent office space. I am concerned in the mean time tho, his account will be hit very hard. Any suggestions?

52:25 If time left: – Does splitting a keyword with multiple words as a chain of anchors as each anchor text is one of the words will add seo value? or it is just for hiding backlink building?

53:53 Vazkez mentioned in one of the videos something about tunneling. can he explain what he meant about that? what it is and for what do you use it for and how

55:18 Would it be weird to use the MGYB link shortener for clients use

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