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How to execute commands in your map

1. Load up your map
2. Create a new entity and make it a “logic_auto”
3. Create 2 more entities
4. Make one of them a “point_clientcommand” and the other one a “point_servercommand”
5. Rename the “point_clientcommand” to “client” and the “point_servercommand” to “server”
6. Select your “logic_auto” and go to the “Outputs” tab
7. Hit “Add”
8. In “My output named” select, when the command should be executed
9. In “Targets entities named” select, “client”
10. In “Via this input” select, “command”
11. In “With a parameter override of” you can enter the command, you’d like to execute
12. Select your created output from the list and copy & paste it
13. Select one of them and change the “Targets entities named” to “server”

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