TYT – 08.15.17: Charlottesville, David Duke, Taylor Swift, and Judge Judy

A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from August 15th, 2017. For more go to http://www.tytmembership.com.

Hour 1: Cenk and Ana. Trump blames the left for Charlottesville. Richard Spencer and David Duke respond to Trump’s tweets. Daily Caller tutorial on plowing through protestors. Trump eliminated funding for org fighting white supremacy. DOJ requests 1.3M IP addresses for anti-Trump site visitors. Trump’s approval rating still dropping. 4 CEOs quit manufacturing committee.

Hour 2: Cenk, Ana and Brett. Taylor Swift wins groping lawsuit. Judge Judy returns dog to rightful owner. Differences in Obama vs Trump Charlottesville tweets. Southern man so over white nationalists. Mixed reactions on Confederate monument removal.

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