[Srijan Wednesday Webinars] 4 Solutions to Modelling Unstructured Content

Speaker: Ishan Mahajan, Practice Head – Drupal, Srijan

A well designed content model makes sure your website is flexible enough to edit and change swiftly, and you can reuse different existing components to set up new pages or display content on different channels. Now all of this is great with structured content, but what’s the best way to model for unstructured content?

Ishan Mahajan takes a deep dive into four key solutions to modelling unstructured content – Drupal Core, Paragraphs, Entity Embed, & Layout Builder. We’ll go through how each of these solutions work and how to choose one, or a combination of it, that best suits your requirements.

Get Ishan’s complete presentation deck: https://www.srijan.net/webinar-4-solutions-content-modelling-unstructured-content

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