NEW PR's Incoming? Full Workout + Critiques, Tips & Tutorials! RE-BUILD 7

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The RE-BUILD Playlist:

In this training Video I hit a some really big milestones on my way back to being healthy! I also give a brief tutorial on Dragon Flags, explain why Axle Deadlifts are harder and Summon the power of my ancestors for a deadlift.

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0:01 Something Big is coming…
0:17 I need Squat Q&A Questions!
0:38 The Plan for the Day
0:50 Begin showing Warm-up Sets
2:26 Second Giant Set Begins
2:51 Thoughts on How Body Feels
3:30 Third Giant Set Begins
4:03 How to Do Dragon Flags & How to Scale them (Pun Intended)
6:09 Fourth & Fifth Giant Sets Start
7:22 Why is using an Axle Harder?
9:06 Sixth Giant Set Starts
9:47 Thoughts on how to finish the workout
10:27 TOP SETS – Seventh Giant Set
11:03 Final Thoughts and Outro

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