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HEY! Guys today I am please to share designing idea with what I have done on LAYER designing.
Designing Video, it expresses a Bugatti car 2020 in photoshop with a bird illustrated by glow and light perfectly. Bugatti car is the most expensive in the world and very comfortable with lest version of technology. Today I have created new
picture with mixing light, glow, effect, and edited bird, as result I got cool designed picture. However I want to share my creative ideas on Photoshop
to all viewers in my videos. At the last, I am hopeful everyone got and apologize some mistake in this video too.
If you are owner BUGATTI car, what do you feel?
LET ME KNOW ABOUT YOUR SENSE…(leave comment bellow Video)
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Designer : Chann Sophy (IT & English, Chinese student in year 4)
Material : corei 3, 5th, Black & Yellow Computer
Program : PS cc 2018
Duration : 10 hours (organizing, recording, editing, and render)
Date : 14 February 2020 (Valentine’s day)
Shortcut Keys
Copy : ctrl + c
Back : ctrl + z
Transform or size : ctrl + T
Back more then one : ctrl + alt + z
Zoon : ctrl + alt + left mouse
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@apologize for my some mistake
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