Tutor LMS – WordPress Plugin Tutorial (Free Version – Sell Courses with WordPress and WooCommerce)

You’ll learn a free method for selling courses from your WordPress website, using WooCommerce. This is the most flexible free LMS plugin we’ve tested so far! Add lessons, quizes, videos and more 🙂


hey how’s it going Alex here from ideaspot and today we have a tutorial on a plugin called tutor LMS now this plug-in you can use it to build an online course and sell it using WooCommerce alright so we’re going to be using tutor LMS by Atheneum and the good news here is the free version of tutor LMS allows you to sell courses using WooCommerce so that’s an awesome feature most of the other options when it comes to LMS don’t give you that for free so straight away I really love that feature so basically when a visitor comes to your site they can go click join there’s an Add to Cart button using that join button adds it straight to cart you can go through the WooCommerce checkout process it’s all completely seamless so using two two LMS you’ll learn how to set up the course page with your little Add to Cart button a little intro video and it’ll show the list of your lessons and quizzes so this is basically all you’re gonna need if you’re running online courses if you’re doing corporate training school anything like that this is going to be perfect alright let’s get started so before you create your course you’re gonna need a website any wordpress theme will do for this I’m using Astra I’m using a starter site called life coach so head over at WP Astro comm and you can check these out these this one is totally free and it includes WooCommerce already the plugins you’ll need to two LMS that’s free you can just go to your plugins add new search for tutor LMS and then install and activate that one the other thing you’ll obviously need is will commerce week almost came installed in the starter site that I’m using but if not install and activate WooCommerce and go through the WooCommerce setup wizard I do have an earlier video where I go through the whole WooCommerce setup wizard so check that out it’s in the description but otherwise it’s basically you can go to WooCommerce go to settings click on help there in the top right corner click on setup wizard and run the setup wizard that’s all pretty fairly simple okay so as soon as Tudor LMS is installed and activate you’ll get the tutor LMS option in your work press menu first thing you want to do is go to – – LMS and go to settings and I’m gonna go through the settings that I used for my course most of these settings can be left on default but a few of them I change and I’m happy with what I got in the end here so let’s go through it first thing let’s just go to settings and general and dashboard page we’ll leave as dashboard public profile will tick that one load tutor CSS take that one and tick JavaScript those are really good cost visibility I uncheck that and erase antique spotlight untick YouTube player Vimeo player those are all antique maintenance mode is antique so just set those up as I said and click Save Settings okay the next settings you can work on are on the settings and cost now most of these are completely optional all they do is control how your actual course page is displayed so things like these share buttons the course level information these materials requirements and this stuff down here it’s all controlled by the settings on a course so I’ll go through what works for me but you’re free to play around with it and get it looking the way you look you want it okay so good and poke editor I enabled it if you disable it you get to use the classic editor to edit your course page no big deal either way you can hide the course products from the shop page if you want to keep your shop page separate from your course page I had that one ticked most of the Mantic I did tick course author to disable course author I disabled the course duration the total number of students enrolled the course update date I just prefer that and otherwise I disabled the announcements and the course reviews as well but yeah you might like to have reviews and announcements it depends on the type of course you’re writing but just go through set it up to your own preference and then click Save okay so lessons quiz instructors students earnings withdraw style I lift all of those standard didn’t touch them monetization I use WooCommerce and then WooCommerce here will commerce you want to enable add to cart’ feature for guest users now because we’re using guest users you’ll want to go to settings and general in your WordPress dashboard and you want membership anyone can register so anyone can become a user on your website and do the course

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