Content for this video is tutorial on rendering an architecture elevation 2d graphic in Photoshop. This tutorial is so simple and suitable especially for the beginner. There are tips also to keep you elevation become professional. Basically for this tutorial steps is including building render, ground, background, props, trees and human figures. Building render is to create texture, color or depth to be appeared which produce a complete looks for the building views. Ground and background texture is to add the site imagination and suitable for the building concept. Props is an addition stuff like birds, clouds, anything that resemble the site project activities. Without adding some trees to the elevation to me is a unfinished work. Trees is encourage to be frame, scale, landscape, inhabited or to show the sustainable green used of the building. In most contemporary architectural drawings, human figures help to provide simple and clear indications of scale or a proper sense of depth. If they are well conceived and rendered, human figures in architectural drawings can help to show how projected buildings might be perceived and inhabited.

Most importantly, it is easy and quick way to create and it’s very suitable for your presentation board to look professional. I hope this video could help you alot. Thanks for watching!

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