HOW TO: Create a time lapse

A well-made time lapse can add real production value to your work. In this short video tutorial, we’ll show you how to set up your camera, shoot, and create a time lapse, covering the following:

0:20 The equipment you’ll need
1:11 Accessing your camera’s internal intervalometer
1:15 Shooting Start Time
1:30 Shooting Interval
1:47 Number of Shots
2:09 AE Tracking Sensitivity
2:18 Silent Shooting
2:24 Shoot Interval Priority
2:47 Aspect Ratio
2:56 Metering Mode
3:02 Focus Mode
3:15 File Format
3:23 Imaging Edge Viewer

To demonstrate how to create a time lapse, we’ve used the Sony α7R III. Find out more about this camera here:

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