Epic Romantic Pleasure Hack for Valentine's Day [Free Tutorial]

On this Valentine’s Day I want to embody the art of giving pleasure by sharing the details behind my ultimate romantic pleasure hack. The Goddess Bath is a ritual that incorporates all of the senses and is meant to pamper your partner, indulging them and showering them in appreciation.

In this video, join me as I go shopping to prep for the Goddess Bath and talk through the philosophy of this amazing generous experience.

I also have a video on Pornhub where I show the Bath itself step by step, so that you can recreate this beautiful sensual session with your partner. You can check out all the details over on my blog —-https://kennethplay.com/be-the-ultimate-lover-this-vday-with-me-pornhub/
For a full breakdown of the Bath and all the supplies you need, you can head to kennethplay.com/bath for a free download too!

A huge thank you to OMorphy for the original Goddess Bath inspiration, to Horizontal with Lila for the appreciation exercise I’ve included in the Resource Guide, and to Pamela Madsen, Pam Costa, and all of Back to the Body for showing me the magic of receiving.

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