Building Microsoft Teams personal apps using SharePoint Framework

In this guidance video, we concentration how to build Microsoft Teams personal apps using SharePoint Framework. We introduced a capability to build Microsoft Teams tabs with SharePoint Framework with the v1.8 and with the 1.10, you can also implement personal apps with SharePoint Framework.

Any SharePoint Framework web part can be updated to be a Microsoft Teams tab or personal app without requirements for code changes, just by updating solution metadata – it does not get easier than this.

Key advantages on using SharePoint Framework for the Microsoft Teams development are the following:

– Unified development experience with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Office add-ins (currently in preview)
– Automatic hosting of your solution – no need for Azure web sites or other host setup
– Streamlined deployment and operations – You can simply deploy your solution as Microsoft Teams app using UX elements available for administrators with one click publishing of your solution
– Easy management of Graph and API permissions with the SharePoint Framework model
– Direct access on underlying storage and other services in SharePoint and OneDrive
– Optimized load times with Office 365 CDN settings automatically applied, if feature is enabled in the tenant level (it’s free, so you should do it)

Video covers following assets and resources:

– Step-by-Step tutorial for creating Microsoft Teams tab or personal app using SharePoint Framework –
– Office 365 CLI – for easy solution upgrades (it’s magic) –
– Leads solution – Works as a Teams tab, Teams personal app, SharePoint app page or SharePoint web part –

More details around the different assets and community efforts from

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