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Check out this exclusive video by MuscleBlaze where Thakur Anoop Singh will showcase how to perform various types of kick.

Taekwondo is a very popular form of martial arts and can be extremely helpful in defence and attack. This video thus makes it to the must-watch list for you, especially girls. You can be safe and protect yourself if caught in any dangerous situation.

So, before we start, just know one thing- you will perfect all the kicks shown in this video with time and practice. The more you practice, the better you will become. So, let’s begin.

Hammer kick
Just like a hammer, this kick hits hard on your opponent. To begin with, firstly figure out your body stance. Get to a comfortable and strong position. Your toes should be glued to the floor.
Knees will be bent, hands towards neck protecting yourself. Now, raise one leg up without bending the knees and stretch by keeping your foot straight. Slowly, do it with more power.

Front kick
Raise your knees till your elbow. Kick in the front.
With each round of practice, increase the force and put in more strength to this kick. Never close your eyes while you are kicking. Keep looking at your opponent to see till where your kick goes. When performed with right strength and power, this kick manages to damage your opponent’s chin and neck.

Roundhouse Kick
Take wall support for a better balance, initially.
Keep legs at 90 degrees and then tilt. Kick. Practice this step the most.
Keep your feet straight while you are kicking. Slowly, start practising without a wall. Try to maintain your balance.
This kick when performed with power damages the opponent’s side areas.

Spin hook kick
Turn and try to see your target. Don’t try to kick without seeing or else the kick won’t go as planned and will lose the impact. This kick is a combination of standing hook kick and a spin kick.
First, try practising standing hook. Bring your legs at the front, hook, and kick.
Now combine this with a spin. Spin and hook and then kick. Make sure that your leg gets back to the initial position.

This kick helps in causing huge damage to your opponent when executed with impact.

Tornado kick
This kick is an extension of the Roundhouse kick.
Raise the knee of the left leg and turn. Kick.
To get the impact, spin your feet to turn.
This kick is a great way to cause damage to your opponent.

Jump front kick
This kick is like the front kick just with the added jump. To get yourself through this kick, you have to master the art of tucking first. Learn to tuck well and also never kick from your toes. When you are tucking, your knees should come to the chest.
Once you have practised tuck, you are good to go with this kick. Take stance, tuck, jump and kick.

Jump spin hook kick
If you want to execute this kick smoothly, master the spin hook kick first. Once you are comfortable with it, try doing this in air.
See, jump and spin hook kick. To get a good kick, spin with force.

Jump roundhouse kick
Execute roundhouse kick with a jump in the air.

Cheat 720 kick
This is an advance level kick. To perform this kick, you should first master 360 kick.
To perform this kick, jump in 360 and rather than kicking, land the feet on the ground. When you land, perform hook kick while looking at your target. Lift higher than 360 kick.
Spin with full power and extend your legs to get an impactful kick.
This kick causes great damage to your opponent.

Practice all these kicks and with the time you will be an expert in executing them. These kicks are extremely helpful in protecting yourself when you face any threatening situation. Not only it saves you but it also gives you confidence. By mastering these, you will have more faith in yourself and be confident.

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