$0 – $3,000 PM Drop Servicing | Day 16 | New Niche & Domain Sorted

Today I managed to drag myself back on the wagon, it was a challenge and in all honesty, I was feeling pretty down about the many hours exhausted pursuing my Dungeons & Dragons idea.

But, once I stopped being a sook, it was time to decide on a new niche to focus on. My attention went to things I’m truly passionate about, things that get me closer to my big picture goals, things that I lose track of time while doing them.

My main 5 passions (at this point in my life) are:

– Listening to music / finding new music
– Mostly anything that involves a creative process (website design falls into this category)
– Watching TV programs (I don’t particularly want to monetize this, it’s my release)
– Personal Development
– Entrepreneurship / Business

After brainstorming all the different businesses I could start in these areas, I decided upon Webflow web design as the area I was going to explore. There are plenty of opportunities to expand this business far beyond just web design. And as you’ll hear in future videos, the clients I’ve chosen to target are aligned with my other passions and business goals.

Follow along as I make my way from $0 to $3,000 per month with drop servicing. I’m completely new to this and have a limited runway to make things work out, soo… It should be a hellova ride.

If this interests you, please consider subscribing. It would mean a lot to me.

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