Video Tutorial: How to Assemble the Odroid Go Advance

Hey, everyone! Have you heard of the Hardkernal Odroid Go Advance? It’s a cool little retrogaming device that comes in kit form that you assemble yourself! Here I’ll show you how to do it and give you some insight into what can go wrong.

My video here should serve as a guide, it’s completely unofficial so don’t blame me if you break something! This is meant as a supplement to the official video instructions to point a few extra things out and show how someone with intermediate at best skills fared while putting it together.

While you’re here why not subscribe? I cover mostly retrogames and sometimes related products like this one. Oh and disclaimer. I bought this, it wasn’t provided to me or leant to me. I electronicaly took some of my dollars and sent them to Hardkernal who responded by physically sending me an Odroid Go Advance! Incredible!

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