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Most people tend to really focus on and ramp up their workouts when it comes to holidays like Memorial Day and the 4th of July because those are unofficial benchmarks for summer and showing off a lean, toned body. A holiday like Valentine’s Day, wedged between cold and more cold pretty much anywhere you live on this half of the world, rarely gets an attention for fitness and working out. But I think it’s the perfect holiday for giving yourself the gift of exercise. Taking care of yourself instead of just your kids or spouse for once. But just in case you’re not into the love-your-body, love-yourself stuff, it’s still A- OK to put emphasis on the physical side of things. Like the saying goes, summer bodies are made in the winter.

In this video Gerard goes over a complete Valentine’s Day themed workout. The tutorial is broken down into two different sections: Partner Training and Love Making Muscles. The first section is build up for partners, so you can workout together and the second one is for you single guys and gals 🙂

► 0:40 The Partner Training consists of 4 exercises you can do with your SO, loved one or your crush: Partner Crab Kicks, Partner Squat Leg Toss, Partner Squat Jump/Squat Hold Pyramid and Partner Rows
► 3:40 The Love Making Muscles Section includes 4 exercises: Barbell Bench Bridges, Cable Ropes Pull Throughs, TRX Pikes and Plank Up to Push-Ups

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In Gerard’s book “From Hedonism to Spirituality” he shares a personal experience of a life changing event which lead him toward creating fitness theatrics. Outside of fitness and comedy Gerard values spirituality, personal development, and following a purpose in life which is the core of his book.

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