Render Farm Video Tutorial: RebusFarm Software Installation and the ControlCenter

How to get started with the RebusFarm Render Service? This video provides a step by step tutorial on how to install the latest RebusFarm 3.0 software and get started with your own renderings. (

The RebusFarm render farm provides its very own software which integrates into your 3D software to make the rendering process almost as comfortable as rendering on your own computer. But it a lot faster and you are able to use your computer while RebusFarm renders for you.

1. Register with RebusFarm for free and receive 25 free trial RenderPoints
2. Install the new RebusFarm 3.0 software
3. You are ready to render

Our advanced plugin checks your scene before uploading it to the farm and rendering it. We offer you two cost calculation tools to estimate your render costs before sending the entire job to the farm.

Via the Rebusfarm ControlCenter you are able to monitor all your render jobs at any time. Furthermore, you are able to buy RenderPoints, see your invoices or use our TeamManager tool via the ControlCenter.

It’s that easy! Try our service with your free trial RenderPoints now:

If you have any questions or encounter any problems just contact our support team via phone, chat on our website or e-mail: [email protected]

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