Kubernetes YAML File Explained – Deployment and Service | Kubernetes Tutorial 19

Learn configuration file syntax using Kubernetes Deployment YAML.

In this video I explain YAML Configuration File in Kubernetes, which is the main tool for creating and configuring components in Kubernetes cluster.

I show you the syntax and contents of Kubernetes configuration file by showing how to create and connect deployment/pod and service component.

0:27 – 3 parts of a Kubernetes configuration file
0:45 – metadata and specification
1:54 – status
3:35 – format of configuration file
4:46 – blueprint for pods (template)
5:59 – connecting services to deployments and pods (label & selector & port)
6:18 – connecting deployment to pods
6:59 – connecting services to deployments
7:37 – ports
8:50 – demo

Git repo link of the demo:

What is Kubernetes? πŸ‘‰πŸΌ https://youtu.be/VnvRFRk_51k
Kubernetes Components explained? πŸ‘‰πŸΌ https://youtu.be/Krpb44XR0bk

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This video is the 19th of a complete series for beginners. At the end of this tutorial you will fully understand Docker and Kubernetes.

⭐️ Full Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy7NrYWoggjwPggqtFsI_zMAwvG0SqYCb


The complete step-by-step guide to Docker and Kubernetes will include the following topics:

🐳 DOCKER basics:
– Container concept
– Why docker? (image vs. traditional DevOps)
– Install docker on different operating systems
– 8 basic commands you need to know (2 parts)
– Docker vs. Virtual Machine
– Docker in Practice: Overview of whole development process with Docker (development, continuous delivery, deployment) Probably 3-5 videos including Docker-Compose, Dockerfile, Private Repository.
– Docker Volumes in theory and practice

✡ KUBERNETES basics:
– Main Kubernetes components (including Pod, Service, Ingress, Volumes, ConfigMap, Secrets, Deployment, StatefulSet)
– Kubernetes architecture for beginners (master, slave nodes & processes)
– How Kubernetes makes high availability, scalability and disaster recovery possible
– Minikube, Kubectl – set up the cluster
– Kubectl basic commands – Demo
– Configuration file (YAML) – syntax
– Communication between the pods – basic networking concepts in Kubernetes
– K8s Deployment in practice – example application deployment (pod + service + Ingress + secret)
– K8s Volumes explained
– Persistence in K8s
– Debugging & Troubleshooting


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