HOW I MADE $2000 ON FIVERR || Best Strategy 2020

Many Ghanaians are in search of online opportunities to make money. I found Fiverr and in a short time I made over $2000 in sales! My name is Joel Sam and this video is to share my journey and experience as a Fiverr Freelancer with the hope that others may be inspired to embark on the same journey.

This video captures some of the best strategy for 2020 and how I made $2000 dollars (GHS11,000) working for a short while as a freelancer on It has been an amazing journey and I believe sharing every stage of my experience will go a long way to help many Ghanaians and Africans at large find alternative opportunities to making money in the face of high levels of unemployment and job insecurity.

This channel (@joelsam) is dedicated to personal finance, financial freedom and self-development. The aim is to get as many young Africans and Ghanaians as possible financially free by sharing tips and ideas on investing and prudent management of one’s financial resources. This is a very niche channel and if the content is something you feel you can relate with, please consider subscribing and sharing with your like-minded friends. Let’s build this family together and hit 10K before the end of 2020.

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and anything I say should only be taken as a suggestion. This video is for infotainment purposes only and you should speak to your financial adviser if you are unsure about any important financial decisions you need to take. Thank you.

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