AliExpress Alternatives – How I get 2-Day Shipping during CNY & Corona Virus

Welcome back to a new video my friends!

Today, we are talking AliExpress Alternatives. Especially if you want to do Shopify Dropshipping in 2020 and beyond, your business won’t be sustainable long-term if you are still using AliExpress to fulfill your orders.

So in this video, I will show you guys all alternatives that are out there, plus in the end I will show you how I dropship with an insane fast 2-day shipping. Because of Chinese New Year (CNY) and the Current Corona Virus Outbreak, it is basically impossible to ship from China at all. That’s why we dropshippers need to come up with some creative ideas in order to fulfill our orders. I will show you my approach to that in this video.

Plus of course I will also show you all other AliExpress alternatives, some of which include using a dropshipping agent, Oberlo Suppliers, Dropified or Silkroad. I will give you my honest opinion on all of these methods and give you some advice on which one you should be using for your fulfillment.

Post Author: hatefull