3D Ebook Cover Design Tutorial with Canva and SmartMockups

In this video, I share step by step, how to create a 3d ebook cover design using Canva and SmartMockups.

By using SmartMockups in combination with Canva, you can create a professional-looking 3D ebook cover design.

If you ever wanted to learn how to make a 3D book cover in Canva, this tutorial will guide you on the tools, steps, and know-how.

SmartMockups is free ebook cover design software you can use and has an option to upgrade to ‘Premium’ and ‘Pro’ levels as shown in their pricing. The premium price is currently $9/month when paid annually and.

The process for creating a 3D ebook cover is simple:

Firstly, do the following:

✔️ Sign up to SmartMockups (https://aurelius.link/smartmocksups)

✔️Sign up to Canva (https://canva.com)


1) Create your ecover design on Canva.

2) Download the cover once done.

3) Open SmartMockups and then choose an eBook template.

4) Upload the book cover image you downloaded from Canva.

5) Create an ebook spine in Canva. Take note of the dimensions and then create a new design in Canva.

6) Upload the spine into your SmartMockups template.


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