🤦‍♂️ Reviewing SUBSCRIBERS Stores | Shopify Dropshipping 2020

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🤦‍♂️ Reviewing SUBSCRIBERS Stores | Shopify Dropshipping 2020

Welcome to this video, I hope you enjoyed the last video where I showed you the proper way to find profitable Instagram influencers ➡️ https://youtu.be/fId28Ksin68

In today’s video I am going to review some of your Shopify dropshipping stores that you have sent me and give you my honest feedback about them.

Store 1, https://patitas-shop.com/

⁃ The store is too general and there is nothing unique about it. There are too many pet stores online and there is no reason why they should purchase from you if you don’t focus on one niche. The good thing is that you can test a lot of products in the pet niche and from there see what works the best and focus on that niche.
⁃ Social media icons send you to Shopify’s social media accounts.
⁃ Aliexpress descriptions.
⁃ 2 trust badges banners.
⁃ no reviews.
⁃ looks scammy a bit.

Store 2, https://favorlo.com/

⁃ Banner images sizes are not equal.
⁃ Can’t really understand the vibe of this store.
⁃ Product description is too long and boring.
⁃ cart page looks very scam.
⁃ accept only Paypal, you have badges of VISA and MASTERCARD.
⁃ Overall looks nice but seams that this store was created without any goal.

Store 5, https://www.pawuniverse.co.uk/

⁃ On the banner the call to action button is misplaced.
⁃ The logo looks you made it in print. At least make it smaller.
⁃ Again, too general store, try to focus on a sub-niche, don’t try to bee the next Petco.
⁃ The color of the website doesn’t really look good and dog-related, go to google and type in the top 10 pet websites.
⁃ Not real comments in the reviews. There is a comment says they left 1 start review but he gave himself 5 stars.

That’s it. If you want me to do more like this video, and maybe even review your store, let me know in the comments.

Honestly, the website design shouldn’t be your main focus and you need to focus more on the products and optimizing your product page to success but if you already have a good product and a good sales page, your website design can improve your conversion rate.

Inspired by Dan Vas
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