ZX Next tutorial-grade free game SpecBong gameplay

The source code, latest binary of game and other info at:

This is small tutorial-grade free game for just-emerging ZX Next (TBBlue board), written in about two weeks in Z80 assembly (Z80N, using few extra opcodes of Next, using https://github.com/z00m128/sjasmplus for assembling), showing usage of HW sprites, 256 color bitmap graphic mode, and other common stuff for simple game.

If you are interested into the platform, please check https://www.specnext.com/ page, in following weeks/months there should be second Kickstarter campaign offering another opportunity to get Next directly from the enthusiasts team designing it, or you can check eBay/similar sites for the units from first kickstarter. If you want just to try out to dabble with the source a bit, the SpecBong works also well in emulators.

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