Website design tutorial for beginners using HTML CSS – Part 1

Wanna learn how to design and code at the same time? Let’s do a simple minimal one-page website template and if you have never done HTML and CSS, I believe this is a good alternative way to learn them and design with a system.

If you are a developer, this could be a different way to learn design by using a framework such as tachyons and getting familiar with the systems to then make better design decisions.

If you are a designer, HTML and CSS is a good starting point and this is how I started but luckily I hard to learn on the job.

if you are a beginner, then I truly believe you can tackle design, HTML and CSS and it’s a good foundation so you can level up. But let’s start simple and just follow along, don’t worry too much about the technical and theory side as making something is a good way to learn.

As a kid, using lego to make and iterate and build something is the same process except we are copy and pasting code.

I love simple minimal design and using design systems or creating your own can help produce consistent templates and components. We want to focus on some of the basics on layout, typography, spacing and colour.

Also, the process of MVP or minimal design is a useful workflow to help you get started and finish your template.

This is also a landing page as it follows the common patterns:
– header or navigation
– hero section
– what you do or services
– testimonials
– click to action at top and bottom
– footer section

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