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Hi, this is Herson, and in this video, I will show how to configure your Get Started Settings.

Go to the menu on your left, go to “Messenger Bots”, then on Bot Settings, and click on Get Started Settings.

The welcome message is the greeting text that appears in the welcome screen when someone is going to start a conversation with our page via messenger for the first time.

Here is your first opportunity to tell a person why they should start a conversation with our messenger bot.

Some things you might include in your greeting text could be a brief description of what your business is about, or you can mention the nature of your products or services.

Here is also a great place to establish the style and the tone of your bot.

The greeting text has 160 characters maximum, so keep it concise.

Once you have created your Greeting message, please copy and paste it in the text box.

To make the changes active, click the button “Save.”

After clicking on the “Get Started” button, The bot will display a welcome message automatically.

If you want to customize the Welcome message, go to “action Button Settings” and select ” Get-Started Template.

Here you can choose what to say as a welcome message. In this case, we will invite the new subscriber to type the word 50%OFF to get the most recent discounts.

In later videos, I will show you the different Media Types you can include in your Bot Sequences so you can enhance them at will every time you want.

Now go and configure your own Get Started settings.

See you in the next videos.

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