How to build a website from scratch in 2 hours – PHP Tutorial Sulu CMS PhpStorm best practice DDEV

A live coding PHP tutorial how to build a website from scratch with the Sulu CMS. This best practice howto is based on our Basesulu open source project with DDEV. DDEV is a docker environment for developer. With this tool it is super easy to setup individual PHP projects like TYPO3, WordPress, Drupal, Magento and so on. In this video tutorial ist also a focus in PhpStorm live templates. This will save a lot of time and aviod copy paste errors.

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Ypu need a running Docker installation on your locals system and docker compose. When you have this you can easy install DDEV. With this you have a great tool to handle differnt local PHP projects. There are very good features to import and export data like files and the database.

So here is the GitHub project. Please check it out and give us feedback

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