How to Make an Enemy Shoot in Godot 3.2 | The Enemy Logic Series #1

Godot 3.2 Tutorial on how to make an enemy attack back, by making use of a state machine.

Once you have the code in place to make the player run and around and shoot. You want your enemy to shoot back at you! In this tutorial, we take the results of ‘The Combat Series’ tutorials and expand on it by giving our enemy some logic.

02:00 Prep the project for more complex events
02:45 Setting up Collision Layers
08:06 First fix and upgrading to accommodate Enemy Stats
11:45 Second fix, prep done
13:36 Enemy Logic State Machine
18:10 The Attack function
27:00 Adjusting the Skill Scene to handle enemy input
29:10 Adjusting the Player to Take Damage
31:25 Demonstration

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