25K/Day with Facebook Ads – My exact Scaling Strategy for Shopify Dropshipping

Hey Guys!

Welcome back to a new video. This one is going to be a true value-bomb!! Today I will go over my exact scaling blueprint on Facebook Ads. I will show you my detailed scaling strategy using Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences (LLA) to get your store to the next level.

In the beginning I will show you the requirements in order to scale. Some of that include a profitable product and having multiple Ad Accounts and Business Manager Accounts set up. Then, I will go over which LLA’s to test and show you my testing structure.

Once we have identified the most profitable Lookalike Audiences it’s time to scale them. For that we will use a CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization) Campaign.

I will explain all of this while using one of my Shopify Stores that i scaled using Facebook Ads in Q4 last year as a live example. Using these exact strategies, I was able to scale that Ecommerce Dropshipping store to over half a million USD in revenue within only 2 months and ended up making over USD 5K in a single day in net profit.

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