Price rules in DJ-Catalog2

This video is related to version 3.7.4 of DJ-Catalog2.
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It’s the main new e-commerce feature in DJ-Catalog2. Using this option allows creating global price rules with a specific calculation type.

The price rule can be configured for various occasions as well as for selected countries only. Some examples:

Grand total calculation type (Independence Day in the USA) – the price rule only for the USA. The rule will affect everything (including Delivery Methods and Payment Methods) for a whole day (4th July).
Products sub-total calculation type (10th Birthday of the company) – The price rule will be available for everyone. It affects every product in a store. The price rule will be displayed in the Cart Page: And also in the Checkout Page.
Each product individually calculation type (+5% for people from Poland) – This rule will affect every product from the Desktop Computers category. Only people from Poland will be assigned to the price rule.
Each new “Price rule” can be completely defined by the DJ-Catalog2 administrator. There are many options to choose from. Some of them are:

🔴Subtract or Add
🔴Percent or amount
🔴Calculation type (all cart, products subtotal, each product individually)
🔴Delivery price
🔴Payment price
🔴Availability in selected countries
🔴and more

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