KTE Health | Exploring Chemistry | Web Development Tutorial | HTML | Part One

What’s up everyone it’s Sean with KTE Health and this is genuinely my favorite video to date! It’s a part one of a very extensive web development tutorial series whereby we make a web page called “Explore Chemistry” and we will exhaust the three languages that build the front end: Html, CSS, JavaScript. By taking advantage of project-based learning with a high volume of opportunity to cement syntax and learn how to organize, present and manipulate your code WHILE still maintaining accuracy and efficiency, this project is bound to get you started the right way on your path to Web Development.

Note from Sean: Hey everyone, I genuinely think chemistry is important but I’m biased AF lol. Let me know what you would like me to code in future examples after this one and I’ll make a website tutorial with that topic so it doesn’t bore you as much, I Pinky promise.

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